Why do i get sleepy after i eat
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March 28, 2014
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Why do i get sleepy after i eat

As long as I am working out regulary (3-4 days per week for 20-30mins per day), I have no desire to sleep after meals, but once I'm back to my couch-potato ways, I get very tired after even the smallest meals. As I’ve only eaten cooked eggs in my life, it’ll be an why do i get sleepy after i eat acquired texture I’m sure. I hope this helps. E. (only one real way to find why do i get sleepy after i eat out, but thought i would ask before i compromise the egg and half cup of yogurt! WHAT DO YOU THINK? My wife and daughter put 1 in their smoothies but I like it RAW!!! Second reason: like someone else mentioned, lots of your blood are being used to digest your food, "diversion of energy for digestion", having said that, your brain is not starve of oxygenated blood but just getting enough to maximize your digestion thus how is a heart attack caused making you kind of dizzy. I shoot them like a shot of hard alcohol and I think nothing of it. Honestly they taste like milk. Feeling Tired After a Meal Is Completely Normal But then there are people who definitely don’t have celiac, but still swear that bread hurts them. I drink them straight. If you’re frequently tired and have one of these conditions, talk to your doctor about possible solutions. I GET MOST OUT OF MY DAY, IF I DON'T EAT AT ALL AND THAT DOESN'T SOUND RIGHT TO ME AS A SOLUTION. After eating them I feel strong, why do i get sleepy after i eat alert( Omegas) and have since had 3 perfect blood tests. The latest studies like this one on eggs and cholesterol show that eggs are not a problem and everybody really jumped the gun on the whole eggs-will-kill-you thing. If I could afford it I would eat upwards to a dozen a day. E. If anything Raw eggs help me stay regulated. I am a bodybuilder and I need the protein from the whites. Thats 2x the vitamins! TO SAY IT IS NORMAL TO WANT TO FALL ASLEEP AFTER A MEAL AND THAT ONE SHOULD ACCEPT THAT ONE WILL FEEL SLEEPY UNTIL THE FOOD IS DIGESTED IS ABSURD! The gravitational pull weighs down on all Earthly objects, including your skin. Recently while on my safari to the Gorillas,one of my colleagues told me to drink a mixture of two spoons of honey,one whole raw egg and about four to five spoons of milk all blended together. While people often associate under-eye bags with lack of sleep, one main cause may actually be much more fundamental: gravity. The market near me has organic eggs that are HUGE!! Third reason: There is an abnormality on your endocrine system, an excessive reproduction of serotonin or something. Most people carry cans of tuna with them all day and eat a can every 2 hours. ways to lower blood sugar We don’t know yet. Those are the hormones responsible to make people sleepy head naturally at night. Whoa – you crack them right in your mouth? There's quite a few reason why we feel sleepy after eating. So let me explain the few and obvious ones. I have been with ulcers,am not sure if many of you know how to stay awake when tired this health stomach problem,in simple language,am told that these are stomach wounds. I will probably use the whole egg because of Dr Mercola and a few others have written. One study ruled out gluten as the culprit for the handful of people in the study, but opened up the possibility that these people are actually sensitive to FODMAPs (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols—basically, some weird sugars). I’m going to wait to try until I have access to local farm, pastured eggs from chickens that live outside, eat bugs, get top notch feed from their humans, hang out in the sunshine – you know, the way it ought to be! ) thanks! I eat everything including the egg whites. Diabetes, anemia, underactive thyroid, celiac disease, food intolerance, and sleep apnea can make post-meal do i have intestinal worms drowsiness worse. natural ways to help with anxiety Perhaps you should also avoid wheat (bread, pasta etc) as I personally find that it is terrible for the digestive system – you may well be sensitive to it too. IT HAS BEEN SUGGESTED TO ME THAT IT IS A LIVER PROBLEM. I have been with this problem for years. – Egg yolks are rich in cholesterol. The brain then sends a signal for body function to cease which triggers this "sleep" response. If you’re unaware of an underlying medical condition but have other symptoms in addition to post-meal sleepiness, your doctor may help you identify what’s causing the slump. I have never had digestive issues. I CAN'T FUNCTION. Lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle triggers this response to meals also. Or perhaps these people are reacting to something else in their food, say a different wheat protein. First reason: Eating sugary foods causes your brain to make lots of neurotransmitters, melatonin. I definitely want to start eating raw eggs. I’d also strongly advise you to see a doctor about the ulcer. I dont know how or why I started why do i get sleepy after i eat doing this, probably Rocky but I dont remember why but I have continued for 3 full yrs now and I love it. I will continue to keep doing this. The idea of eating chicken ovulation makes gag. Has anyone mixed why do i get sleepy after i eat them with yogurt? There’s a lot of overlap between foods with FODMAPs and foods with gluten, so that might explain what’s going on. The longer you’re exposed to gravity (i. Cholesterol is imperative for hormone and neurotransmitter production (i. My own recommendation, though, would be to start taking some probiotics (maybe why do i get sleepy after i eat you’ve tried raw sauerkraut before? Sugar causes insulin levels in your blood to surge. I like the blending idea. I NEED TO WORK AFTER LUNCH. On rare occasions, being tired after a meal or simply sleepy all the time could be a sign of another health problem. I’m looking around for recipes that are good enough to trick me into believing there are no eggs in it… I wake up crack 2 eggs swallow them whole (raw)with a scoop of whey protien powder in a glass of water then 3 hrs later i cook 4 eggs (only whites) and swallow the raw egg yolk with black beans or refried beans but i do buy organic eggs much more tastier and helthier also only cost around $3 for a dozen so very much worth it your body will apperciate it and you will notice Now, the only raw eggs I generally get are through my homemade mayo (made with farm fresh eggs), but I have also learned to cook eggs gently, at very low heat, so the whites stay very tender (instead of rubbery) and the yolks are runny. Sometimes I get double yolks! My Friend believes that if i do this diet for people with cancer three times a day after every meal (Breakfast,lunch and dinner) that i will be okay. ) and to focus on nutritional food like fruits, vegetabless, meat, raw eggs, raw nuts. I have been eating 3 raw eggs every morning and another 3 or so throughout the day for 3yrs now. I tried to read through to make sure this has not been answered, so apologies if it is a repeat. My cholesterol is perfect. I might have to start throwing some into smoothies occasionally. Scaling down your meals and eating more frequently (like children naturally do) can also help curb the desire to "nap" after a meal. This triggers your brain to curb its activity. I leave a carton of eggs at work so every 2-3hrs I eat 2 to keep my protein levels up. I look forward to it. You can choose to exercise (ez route) and let the body metabolize the sugar itself, or you can continue to be sedentary and lower your sugar intake. And that’s a good thing! Does it have the same result as mixing in a shake as many of you talk about? It keeps you feeling good), and is also crucial for the production of vitamin D. , the older you get) the more your facial tissues sink toward the floor. I AM TALKING ABOUT A HALF A CHICKEN BREAST AND HALF AN AVOCADO (AS AN EXAMPLE) NOT A THANKSGIVING DINNER. I am deficient in a few things and vitamins aren’t helping! Third reason: You are just being lazy, a couch potato, someone who just want to take it easy and relax after eating.