Why am i so tired after i eat
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March 28, 2014
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Why am i so tired after i eat

It simply incites guilt in us Mom’s who can’t wait until “next year” when said child is fully potty trained, feeding himself, can dress herself, etc. It begins when we can begin to look at ourselves, our abilities, and our gifts in a way that gives us energy instead of sucking energy from us. They could be added to the article in one or two more sections. THANK YOU! I’m tuned in to every little noise. Every single space is taken and it is noisy everywhere. I also know that change begins in our heads. I spent most of his first year in a fog. I agree all the administrative work on top of teaching is draining why am i so tired after i eat my energy tremendously. I’m a K1 Special Education teacher. But with 4 under 4 there is always someone crying, needing a bottle or the potty, or making noises that make how to cure a fatty liver naturally me sit up (out of a dead sleep) and listen closely until I know they are not getting out of bed. They have to be accountable to parents (which a cleaner does not). why am i so tired after i eat I KNOW kids grow up fast. So true! We are no longer children. ” What kind of comment is that? If you honestly try to do what the teacher left, thank you! We have a small farm of our own and my husband has his family’s farm why am i so tired after i eat AND we help with my mom’s farm. Leave the laundry and dishes, etc etc etc. We are people getting older, with not as treatment for sciatica pain in buttocks much energy that we used to have, we are tired cuz were grownups doing grownup things. I would give anything to go back and hold him as a baby or 2 yr old again just once. (the 2 yr old is trying to lay across my lap while I type this) That drives me nuts. It makes us feel guilty because nope, I’m not fully enjoying it all. I wondered why this didn’t come up in the article . That tired feeling? It’s something that my first principal shared with me, and it’s stuck with me ever since. :) You just described my life. I’m a ridiculous multi-tasker, too. So I often reply to email after school hours and work longer hours than my roommate who is on a full schedule. And then feeling guilty on top of all that. Thanks so much for posting this article. He is out in minutes and sleeps like a log. Because were grownups. So nice to know I’m not alone. Some women have trouble getting a good night’s sleep during that time of the month. We didn’t have emails to check or reply to within 24hours, or stacks and stacks of accreditation work or policies to revise. It is called growing and maturing. Also, the teacher has usually bought all the supplies in the desk out of their own paycheck, so be respectful of their things. I love what I do. If you are so exhausted, throw him into daycare.. Single. Totally understand every. The increasing amount of paperwork, extra tasks or projects that come from above, new curriculum to learn are all exhausting. I agree with this comment 110%! This past week has been a bad one. I always tried to do exactly what the teacher left, and I got called back quite often. Teachers not why am i so tired after i eat only have a stressful day, but they also have to bring work home. 22 years in as a middle-school teacher. Having been a cleaner to put myself through school in order to become a teacher, I can assure you that I did not know what tired was until I taught in a classroom. I have a 9 yr old. Do not dismiss the tired you feel as a cleaner, but do NOT presume to understand the exhaustion that teachers feel daily. It becomes who we are and we learn to deal with it better. And then knowing you aren’t giving your kids the best because you are having such a hard time yourself. I also know that I need balance in my life. The tired I experience as a teacher is far more complex and far and away exceeds the exhaustion I felt as one who cleaned for a living. Now we are busy rewriting the curriculum and over complicating basic and natural developmental stages with over thinking and fancy wording. Point you made. Some days I leave right on time, and my desk is a mess but I know it will be there tomorrow. Too political? I have been a sub, and now I foods that help cure cancer am a teacher. Testing, the constant juggling of cause of type 2 diabetes in adults schedules, under staffing. I love these littles with all of my being but I don’t enjoy it all. As soon as you get married your life changes. This is a good explanation for that. I have had subs who just let the kids do whatever they wanted and never touched the work I left for them to do. On top of all this, reaching for why am i so tired after i eat a heaping bowl of mac ‘n cheese isn’t the best way to sustain your energy. Love my students and love teaching; can’t abide the extraneous paperwork that (as another commentator aptly noted adds nothing to my ability as a teacher). You wouldn’t want someone coming into your house and use all of your personal things. My biggest beef, or trouble is when moms of older children tell me to enjoy it while I can because they grow up so fast! Plus my husband travels a lot for work. It is going to be tiresome looking after others as opposed to looking out for only yourself. Come on folks! I go on short trips with my family. I think what gets to me most is that there is never a quiet space to go and recollect your thoughts or to just reflect or prepare for the next lesson. So I know. My hobbies also help me unwind. I may be “in” bed for 7 hours a night, but I probably sleep about half that time. When I first started teaching many moons ago, we didn’t have to develop the curriculum we just had to execute it. The students respect being part of a school where teachers care about them and have high-quality lessons prepared each day. That’s impossible to do. Also, many women avoid exercise when they have their period. I know I work with small children but I just cannot think clearly with all the noise pollution. It may seem to lessen with time (as your children get older) but truth is that we just get used to the tiredness. Them and me!!! But now I’m too tired to be my best for them and guess who is why do i get tired after i eat suffering? I know how you feel being in a mom funk. Yes! ) If I became a cleaner, at least my work would be done when I left work. So I often hide in the toilet just to kind of ‘breathe’ and not go crazy. Anyway, thanks so much for posting this! The Tired that I experienced as a cleaner was a physical exhaustion and enabled me to sleep very well at night. I stay home with a 3-year-old and 6-month-old. Nor will I. Just like any job there are great subs and terrible subs. Also, I am on an 75% teaching schedule but find there is no time during the course of the day to check email. Cramps and a heavy flow can both interrupt a smooth night of slumber, whether you’re waking up in pain, going to the bathroom to change your tampon, or getting up to pop some pain meds. Feeling stressed, worried, tired, and anxious. If I leave the laundry or dishes long enough…don’t keep a fairly picked up home, then eventually no matter how much I’ve played with my kids and just enjoyed them, children’s services will show up at my door because I have not cared adequately for my children. You wanna know why were tired? It also helps soooo much to have stellar, supportive colleagues who are also doing an excellent job teaching. And guess what? Exhausted at the end of each day, but generally smiling as I recall the daily laughs and joy spent with these (for the most part) delightful young people! Sitting around and not exercising tends to make you feel more lazy and lethargic at any time of the month. It really helps tremendously just to know that someone knows where I am coming from. They are accountable for standardized testing (which a cleaner is not) . (Here are some tips on what to eat during your period instead! Why we are ALL tired? I try to explain to my husband why we go to bed at the same time, but I don’t “sleep”. Both wonderful girls. why am i so tired after i eat If I could I would rather spend ALL my energy on my kids and planning or preparing exciting activities for them. They have to parent (which a cleaner does not). If you think you are just there to babysit, you need to look for another job. Feeling like a failure. And somebody has to do the laundry, the dishes, the picking up and the bathroom cleaning after the 9 yr old boy. But please, to the grandma’s and Mom’s of older children, I beg you to stop saying this! There are a lot of outlets that we as teachers use to find our “happy” My students respond to a happy teacher, they don’t care if my lesson plans are perfect or if my desk is clear. Thanks again. what number is high blood sugar After coming home my husband saw how distraught I have been and said, “I think you have it good… You get to spend time with our son and not worry about working. Making poor food choices, which many of us tend to why am i so tired after i eat do when we’re craving a little extra comfort, can just make you feel even more sluggish. :) Amen, Cheryl.