What to do when someone has high blood pressure
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March 28, 2014
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What to do when someone has high blood pressure

Please help me. We do not have any local homeopathics… Very interesting article. 5 mg) or Lugol’s liquid (which is a bottle of liquid, threatening to stain your belongings if tea that makes you skinny you drop any, and is less expensive than the capsules). In most instances, it is not likely to be effective. I am a vegeterian. I am now a happy, healthy and completely drug free 58 year old. Except for ER visits due to injury,including a collapsed lung in 2013,& a broken neck & 4ruptured discs in 96,I haven’t seen a Dr. what to do when someone has high blood pressure MY DIET IS VERY GOOD; EXERCISE IS INCREASING BUT I FEEL I MAY NEED AN AID. But the usual “serving” is measured in micrograms. Also Chlostral and trigliceride levels increased considerably. My vision has been getting worse lately and came on sudden, I get headaches when my BP is high sometimes a little vertigo though not often until the what to do when someone has high blood pressure past few days. A natural approach to preventing disease and healing yourself when illness strikes is always the better choice. I have always had problems with conventional medications and my daughter has the what is a enlarged prostate same problem. Using the supplements below without incorporating the lifestyle recommendations discussed above is an allopathic approach not very different from using drugs. Although there are supplements that can be helpful, such as the ones I've listed here, it's important to understand that they should never be considered as an alternative to the primary recommendations above, which treat the real cause of the problem. I think I would how do you treat diabetes like to what to do when someone has high blood pressure discuss the medicine and its side effects to make my own decision and not let statistics make it for me. I have been trying to find a homeopathy remedy to help me before I have a major stroke which is going to happen if I don’t get my BP down. Northrup for speaking out about the dangers of high blood pressure and the drugs that treat it. To get milligrams, recommend iThroid capsules (which come in 6. I WOULD LOVE VERY MUCH TO HEAR FROM YOU. This baffled me that where people addicted with drug can leave the same why medicines for blood pr and cholostral can’ t be dropped when situations causing the same changed. Iodine isn’t the most expensive supplement; and Selenium is pretty cheap. I am 82 years old and take no meds, only supplements. ” Thanks for what to do when someone has high blood pressure your comments on blood pressure, and all that you know and do! If you're consuming a lot of these oils, what are high blood pressure numbers you'll want to avoid or limit them. I manage a house and yard, cook every day, make whole wheat bread, eat good, etc. I WOULD MUCH PREFER HOMEO WAY. I have followed your writings for years. I am desperate at this time. 25 or 12. constant ringing in the ears I was using a lot of different things but stop.. MY NAME IS TEO AND I HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. My BP was low until I had a what to do when someone has high blood pressure complete hysterectomy after a dr. Since High school in the ’60s. Thank you for suggestions. I AM TRYING TO INQUIRE ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF GOING THE HOMEOPATHIC ROUTE RATHER THAN THE CONVENTIONAL WAY IN CURING THIS HYPERTENSION. For example: actually I had have an unsafe sex and after that I was afraid of getting HIV. But as per Allopath doctor I can’t stop the medicines totally. For instance, re: the statin’s statistic your tea diet to lose weight refer to — a NNT of 20 people what to do when someone has high blood pressure for a statin to prevent 1 heart attack sounds like a good investment to me. Subsequently situation changed in 2008 and the doses were reduced to minimum. What About Blood Pressure Medications? However, it's important to remember that there are several variables that can affect the va­lidity of your blood pressure reading. Your blood pressure readings can vary significantly from day to day – even from morning to evening, and often within the same hour. Consuming omega-3 fats, such as that from krill oil, is one of the best ways to re-sensitize your insulin receptors if you suffer from insulin resistance. I need to bring my blood pressure down,was prescribed Lisin,but I want to do it naturally,as to be honest,I really don’t like doctors,and the more I deal with them,the less I like,or trust them. Iodine supplementation must be accompanied by Selenium supplements, 200 ug (micrograms) per day. It is when your blood pres­sure remains consistently elevated that significant health problems can occur. Lately I have been wondering about my blood pressure, so I check it occasionally, for I like to stay away from too much “doctoring. Makes me wonder how many strokes and heart attacks have been caused by this effect? What do you recommend? I have used so many medicines except allopathic medicine. Lied to me even though he knew I had problems with medications. I live alone, I am happy, involved, creative, loved, and doing great. And, herbs to heal nerve damage like obesity, your best treatment is to evaluate your what to do when someone has high blood pressure lifestyle and make the necessary adjustments. Suffering with high blood pressure, will be increased by eating fat food like coconut, groundnut, ghee and groundnut oil… unable to bear either in hot room or in sun…likes moderate temperature always, increased by slightest mental dissatisfaction or stress…taking cold often, nose obstruction…pl suggest a remedy… Besides dramatically reducing or eliminating fructose and other sugars, including grains, normalizing your omega 6:3 ratio is an important dietary factor if you're hypertensive. I have extremely high bp. Omega-6 fats are found in corn, soy, canola, safflower and sunflower oil. In One week I lost 9 pounds and my bp went from 200 to 180 over 79-90. Every day I bicycle for 10-15 minutes. So I think it was a life threatening incident for me. Similar to how people need more than 60 mg of Vitamin what to do when someone has high blood pressure C per day but rather more like a couple of grams for maintenance, people need at least a few milligrams of iodine per day, maybe upwards of 12. Like obesity, high blood pressure is an epidemic. And one of them might be me. 20 among the women in my high school graduating class. I feel breathlessness and heavyness in my chest region when my bp increases.. Thank you,BB B. It only covers the problem and does not fix it. I was infected with high blood pressure in 2007 due to very high mental pressure connected with office environment and started taking medicines to keep control. Do you have any helpful advice? Thank you Dr. I am adding a bit of protein now and in my second week. I do ot want to ever use western meds.. So I was shocked and worried that my life had been meaningless. The military industrial complex has been scamming people about iodine for the last 60 years. Plz help me.. I just started to eat only fruits and veggies with oy 2 t peanut butter with a few peacans and drank only water. BP and I get no benefits only the worst of side affects. In the case of high blood pressure, lifestyle changes – with particular emphasis on normalizing your insulin levels – can put you on the road to a drug-free, all natural return to optimal health. 5, 50, or 100 mg per day for thereputic levels depending on what you want to do. That means we might prevent 5 heart attacks among the 100 women I know at church. It’s easy to see how people become convinced the drugs are saving their life, when just missing a couple of pills can have such what does it mean if your glucose is high a dangerous effect. Actually I want to cure it.