Sign of high blood sugar
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March 28, 2014
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Sign of high blood sugar

If im thirsty, I stop everything Im doing and get a drink of water. See how to correct it. But bc I am now suffering the complocations of being a diabetic bad ass growing up. I started taking Berberine as a last resort. So you can at least fix the inevitable result. That includes people who are overweight, physically inactive, have high blood pressure or have a family history. Yoir child being. It’s not pleasant at all. “Over time, if your blood glucose is high, you develop poor circulation, and that can lead to problems with strokes and brain atrophy and poor memory,” Dr. " Well…. It took almost 15 years before I gabe into that…. ” – ADA website My 5 year old little girl is Type 1. Diabetes is still new to me everyday is a struggle trying to keep it normal i try to eat right it still goes up hi I have to take my fast acting insulin before I eat all of my meals. Unfortunately, the body cannot release all the ketones and they build up in your blood, which can lead to ketoacidosis. A single high blood sugar test isn't enough to diagnose diabetes, because blood sugar can spike if you are sick or under stress. They weren’t working for me. Your kid will never be a robot…. The one thing I didnt try, was treating my diabetes like a disease, as i should have been rather than this romantisized "Blessing" everyone tries to tell me I have. Have diabetes, but one in four has no idea. I am feeling a ton better after just two weeks of low carbs. Bc we all have people on our lives in all areas…. Hi! They are a crappy feeling…. “It’s a thick feeling in the base of your brain, like someone’s cracked open your head and replaced your gray matter with sticky jam. I would be in such better shape w diabetes had I of accepted that when my sugar is high, im going to lay down and it doesnt matter what sign of high blood sugar anyone thinks of me! Most of all- I hate that no matter how hard I try, even on y very best days- My mind is sharp as a whip, but my body simply does not follow suIt. Making a person resent it and ignore it….. Nobody. I take 6 shots a day. Who would succeed at being taught their entire lives that they had to fight their body, while making sure its always ok and is lifes #1 priority?? No more peeing constantly! I can’t thank you all enough for your descriptions of what a blood sugar high feels like. " Yeah…True…. My lowest has been 240 in the last week with most tests in the 300’s. Lastly, always rememer everyone…. I cant see…My teeth hurt.. I feel like I have the flu one minute and weak the next. I would "Power through it" when I was tired…I wouldnt leave the office until the work was done…If there was a get together what is kidney disease symptoms and I was having a bad diabetes day, id slap my makeup on amd fake it. I was trying to be powerful when all it was doing was making me more weak… Slowly but surely it was taking a huge tole on my entire body. Thats exactly what turns into a huge attitufe problem w diabetes, for life….. " sign of high blood sugar — Dont say that crap. Im one who always works out…Played sports… Good weight.. I thought it was a sign of weakness to lay down when my sugar was high– Id pretend I didnt need anything at work or school, even at home. Sugar in your saliva feeds bacteria in your mouth, leaving a sign of high blood sugar sticky plaque on your teeth. I find myself zoning out and staring at things, and my eyeballs feel dry and like they’re tethered to my head by frayed ropes instead of optic nerves. I can have normal readings, but I come to a point where I can’t afford to refill my insulin prescription, my numbers go up, up, and I get feeling down. My stomach is swollen from taking the shots I wish there was a easier way to deal with my diabetes I wish I had more systems when it gets high sign of high blood sugar to The same blood vessel damage that can cause heart attacks, kidney, and eye health problems, can also affect your brain. Every kid does the same stuff…Diabetics already have 9000 more pressures in a day than normal people…. Especially parents w diabetic kids- There is nothing additional in a diabetics braim that enables them to be a super human who SIMPLY doesnt like the normal things in life. I also appreciate so much your advice on not trying to “power through it” or accepting a non-diabetic’s opinion on what I should do or how I should feel. Over time, blood sugar gone wild can cause bleeding and painful gums, making it difficult to chew and eroding bone and tissue that hold your teeth in place. " …. Ive tried It all. I stopped taking my meds (which I don’t suggest). That's why it’s a good idea to get your blood sugar tested if you are at risk for diabetes. I’ve just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and am trying to learn all I can about it. If you always believe you are having to fight your body…You become very resentful of the disease and it stafts falling apart. High blood sugar can cause dry mouth and cracked lips. The Diabetes is your only absolutely dedicated, permanemt piece of your life- Nobody elses, nobodies. It was worth the read….. Your kid who has diabetes is capable of keeping it together…They wont be perfect…You calling them out for food they eat-Giving them "The look" from across the kitchen– or never leaving them alone about it, isnt helpIng… Ask them how they feel about it…Let them speak, dont reply w a solution to everything- Sometimes as a youngster w diabetes, you dont eant a solution… You want someone to take your word for what you are telling them and just hug you for them. Ovalle explains. I say this under the high sugar forum simply bc high how to clean my liver naturally sugars for me are the biggest problems having this disease. I cant even work a full day at my job (That I absolutely love), bc my body simply will not preform…Or it will be sick for the next 3 sign of high blood sugar days if I am in constant movement for 8 hours a day. For others, the symptoms are clear: "They urinate too much, they’re getting thirsty, they’re getting up at night to urinate, they're hungry, they’re losing weight," said Fernando Ovalle, MD, an endocrinologist and director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Comprehensive Diabetes Clinic. That will cripple them in the end. My first test was 389. But if I don’t take it it goes up hi. If im sick or simply dont have the energy- I dont go out- I do not push my body to do things it does not want to do. My A1C is 10. I just want to quit everything. Its not easy when im cooking dinner.. Everything is slow and heavy and whipped with heavy cream. But if repeated tests are elevated, it's a sign you have a problem. Im 100% "Give in" to the fact that my pancreas does not work properly and its causing chronic difficulties in my life. Thats crap. And that crap landed me where im at today. Let it be known, if you need to do something to make yourself feel better- it is happening no matter what. "Youre diabetic, you know better than to do somethong like that! Dont make this lifetime journey this stressful mess that the parents have reigns on- While holding tight!! And im a pretty good looking individual, so youd never know that i feel so horrible all the time. That was the worst advise I was ever given. I went out and bought a blood glucose meter to track my sugar levels and I ketogenic diet for brain cancer also cut most of the carbs out of my diet. If you think this is what it might be, she might try elevating the head of her bed a few inches with risers or sleeping with a foam wedge under the head of her mattress — whichever is more comfortable for her — to elevate her head over her stomach. What Ive learned from that- I was ignoring my body. I compare it to going through a withdrawal of sorts. With all this I feel ok. Type 1 For 17 years now. Hi Stacey, I just found out I am prediabetic. Not a lot of life stress…. I dont wait to go pee. Often, high blood sugar causes no (obvious) symptoms at all, at least at first. Give in people. Let them try food. Your #1 priority cannot be something you believe you are "Fighting against" every single day for the rest of your entire life. There are also a ton of herbs that people claim help. Its harder to "Give in" and sleep when you have 500 things that need done. My blood sugar would stay in the 250-350 range no matter what for the last 2 years. You got this. " instead of telling the real truth. About 29 million people in the U. I really don’t know what”normal” feels like. Do some research online and try different things. I took the afternoon to go get my hair done( first time since March) and left her with my husband. Id fight it with everything in me. I didnt want to worry my folks any more than the diabetes already had. Dont make hem feel lile they are failing simply by questioning their God given desires to be hUman. I was so excited that it finally dropped but I feel like crap. Im on disability…With a college education and a stellar resume. It gets a little better day by day but it’s a slow process. I will not be taking another afternoon off. Studies suggest people with diabetes may be at heightened risk for thinking and memory problems—and even Alzheimer’s. For as long as they have had insulin, and how many people use it, it seems criminal that it’s so expensive. When your body breaks down fats, waste products called ketones are produced. Not to mention, long term complications stem from high sugar. It is heartbreaking to watch her endure this. My feet hurt all the time…. This isnt a "Fight Against Diabetes" like all the tshirts say. Cool page:) Im 32. NOW …If I need to sleep…I sleep. Especially you young kids…or parents of young kids w diabetes…Dont make yourself or child believe that listening to the body is not being good enough bc its giving in. "Never give up! Let sign of high blood sugar them experience this disease while they are at home…. help for lower back pain My diabetes is #1… And not bc im some awesome diabetic Or selfish…Bc im not… Nobody sign of high blood sugar trying to do this is…. I gave up. The good news is that catching it early—before you have any of the following signs and symptoms—can help you get treated and avoid serious complications down the road. On tests of word recall, older adults with higher hemoglobin A1c results were not able to remember as many words. Just remember guys…. Im an educated woman-Have an awesome family…supportive friends…Good life… No problems to really speak of besides my health— I always thought that not "Giving in" to diabetes would make me the winner…Stronger person…More capable or more respected if I always said "Im fine! Some types of plaque lead to tooth decay, while others stink up your breath. Im sure my mom hasnt slept in 17 years. And it’s one of the main causes of thrush, a type of fungal infection that can cause sore white or red patches on your gums, tongue, cheeks or roof or your mouth. You DO NOT want them leaving the nest and all of the sudden- They have no idea how to handle it all, alone. 2. I have a pump…Got it at age 19 after fighting my parents about it for almost 5 years. ” – Oh, High! And they last and last in consideration to how you feel. Bc then I would have to deal with a chronkc disease all day everyday, right? A German study revealed that higher blood sugar levels impair thinking and memory even in people who do not have diabetes. You are the only person who can teach others how to manage your diabetes with you…. Ive worled fulltime and gone to fulltime school simce I was 15-Until 28Yrs old. Your body cannot tolerate large amounts of ketones and will try to get rid of them through the urine. I did not realize I had a problem until my wife bought a tester for me. Stressed out about you being stressed out, is not a good combo. He didn’t give her enough insulin- my recommended dose— and when they got home her blood sugar was almost 600. I love the people, events and soul it has brought to my life but I hate ehat its (Now) doing to my body- I hate that ive been a constant worry for my folks who have done everything in their human power to help me. Thats what I was taught to do by the educators -doctors and google! Uncontrolled high blood sugar is your kisser’s enemy. Thats a tall freaking order when youre a young kid- Or an adult. I will list sign of high blood sugar my symptoms so if it helps anyone to recognize theirs…or their childs.. My back hurts… I vomit from celiac all the time…. 11 days in, my blood sugar dropped to 185 as a high 136 as a low. I keep a log and have been to my doc. 2 kids all over the place…Man is working and im trying to build Rome in my house before he gets home and is starving, to stop everything and sit down to allow my sugar to drop…or increase…Whatever it is…It takes more power to take proper care of yourself by LISTENING TO YOUR BODY rather than to be this "She never stops diabetic! I started the standard drug eveyone seems to get but it hasn’t had an affect yet. I’ve pretty much given diabetes and low blood sugar up. I cut back on red meat and lowered my portions for dinner as I get in too late. Another 86 million have higher-than-normal blood sugar levels, but not high enough to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Watch over them, obviously, but dont make it like they have the almighty power to control it all….. My body is so reactive to stress. I hate diabetes. Sometimesa bit hyper and ditzy,. Oh "At least you dldnt get cancer! I tell my kids my blood sugar is high- And they know- Im laying down. Brain scans also revealed a smaller hippocampus, the region of the brain responsible for memory, in people with higher blood sugar. That use to be a compliment. Dont confuse yourself or your kid by maling it "Seem" like it "Should be" something else…Bc then when the result isnt what was implied, its a feeling of failure. Im 32 amd feel like an old woman. S. Since she is having to eat so close to bedtime, she might be having some acid reflux, especially if she is waking up with congestion or a cough. Many people don’t know they have diabetes until they’re tested. Or my sugar is low and instead of trying to be polite and finish the conversation that I cant even understand bc im half unconcious, im goimg to sit down NOW and take a pause really qUick. Wow so I am not the only one. You arent "Fighting Diabetes" or "Giving in" to it if sign of high blood sugar you address a feeling right away rather than waiting for an even bigger problem to manifest from it. If you have a recliner, she might try sleeping in that for a while until you can get the bed adjusted. See what it does. Until I was old enough to have diabetic complications.. I was wrong. I wouldnt "Let diabetes stop me" no matter what. Diabetics arent robots. So i ddnt believe complications were even an option. I am not overweight and haven’t touched a dessert or soda in almost three years.