She can not stop drinking
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March 28, 2014
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She can not stop drinking

Just E-mailed “29 CFR 1910. As in, if the supervisor insists, berates me, or becomes rude. The man that sat next to me at work actually got a note from his doctor saying he can take as long as he needs in the bathroom when going number two. Some backstory, I’ve been working full time as a salaried, non-exempt employee at my company for the past three years. Many call centers and tech support places in general expect you to take endless calls all day. If you have had a child or gotten a bit older or have medical issues or even obesity…. Yes, the VP has his own office but sometimes instead of walking down a 30ft hallway she can not stop drinking between his office and the conference room would sit at another employees station to work. IRS monitors every bathroom break and how long you are in the bathroom (through what they call an aspect phone) and they get away with it!! Basically, I work much more than the 40 hours a week I’m being paid for. When a guard is out on the water, she is out for 80 minutes at a time (sometimes less), with a 20 minute break in between each rotation circle. I’d also ask that it’s applied ACROSS THE BOARD (for fairness, of course). Miles Jr. ” I would call your manager out though. I work at a call center and it so happens that I take a diuretic – and causes for ringing in the ear even WITH a note from my doctor saying that I need to use the restroom frequently I am still getting in trouble for ‘adherence’ if I take an unscheduled break – they want me to get ANOTHER excuse from my doctor saying HOW FREQUENT – wtf? My mother has mentioned before that it concerns her how much water I drink, so I have been tested for diabetes multiple times. I need to drink a lot of water otherwise I feel ill and sometimes get what is the sign of kidney problems more frequent UTIs. I do not have diabetes. In fact, I’d ask that all buzzing in head and ears three of you sit down and chat about the new bathroom policy. No problem. Obviously, we encourage the guards to drink at least half a bottle of water when they’re out on hot days. I had to stop taking the medication – or risk a write up –. I’d get blood pressure and kidney problems the hell out. My body just needs more water to function well. Its hard she can not stop drinking to deal with it on your own time table let alone someone else’s. This left my coworker standing around waiting for the VP to be done and basically not working or trying to borrow time on someone elses station. I enjoy my job and pride myself on the work I do, so I do this happily and without complaining. If they cannot understand that you have doctors orders I’d consider a different job with a different company. A coworker of mine recently she can not stop drinking told off a vice president for repeatedly taking over the worker’s desk. If you haven’t already, get this new “rule” in writing from abnormally high concentration of glucose in the blood the HR person as backup, but of course so you can ensure you are clear on the do’s and don’ts of this interesting new workplace ruling. Then delicious thought #3 would be to respond to said rule in writing, volunteering to be your department’s monitor for loud ringing in left ear everyone’s bathroom breaks (because of course you want to be helpful) to ensure their new rule is applied fairly across the board. During the summer, I manage a team of lifeguards at the municipal pool. While you're focused on the well-being of your alcoholic family member, spending time with other people in your life can help take your mind off of things and restore your energy. But truly, how is it that we are now supposed to regulate bodily functions? They recently sent out a floor-wide email that states you are only allowed to use the restroom before or after your shift, or during a 15 min break. To state that employees be allowed access to toilets when needed. A polite and constructive conversation, even if a little blunt ? 141(c)(1)(i), OSHA’s regulation on Toilet Facilities, was “interpreted” ( April ’98)by, then, Director of the Directorate of Compliance John B. However, with lifeguards and the way the job is, limiting bathroom use to once every 80 minutes seems reasonable. Restrictions, if any, must be reasonable; and the burden of demonstrating the reasonable nature of the restriction rests solely on the employer. Because this is a Federal OSHA matter, Whistle Blower protections are a strong possibility. It should be illegal. (Ok, don’t suggest that – they might do it. It is a call center we work at and, as such, need to drink water to keep our mouth wet, yet we are not allowed to leave our desk at all unless on an official break or have she can not stop drinking a doctor’s note. I cannot believe the ridiculousness of this situation. Throughout the entirety of my time here, I have often stayed late, arrived early, and rarely (if ever) eat lunch away from my desk in order to complete everything on my plate. You need to take breaks from dealing with the person's drinking problems. A childish reprimand for a bodily function ? It’s a little fishy that this conversation happened while they were away. When our firm was taken over by another what tea can help you lose weight firm, we were given a complicated phone system — and we were given a list of codes to enter — natural remedy for kidney disease ‘1’ if you are at lunch, ‘2’ if you’re out of the office, ‘3’ if you go to talk to another colleague, ‘4’ if you are in a meeting, I forget what ‘5’ was, and ‘6’ if you need to go to the rest room. It’s a safety issue for the patrons. In reality, something like this would get you on the short list of “folks about to get canned. I’ve also never received anything less than an excellent review. ) The last time, I literally hung up on the caller as I had no choice, course I called him back. Spend time with other friends she can not stop drinking and family members. IRS WOULD ONLY ALLOW US THREE MINUTES! Of course, the lower level co worker did not have the privilege of taking the VP’s desk when he did this. I can completely see needing to talk to someone about their bathroom usage in this situation and limiting their bathroom usage. Maybe even suggest a swipe card for the bathroom door so people are checked in and out. Trying to avoid burning bridges, of course, but I’d she can not stop drinking still get the hell out, unless a clarification or apology of some sort came up. My current job has a problem that is just as bad; we are allowed one unschedueled bathroom break at only 3 minutes at the most…not joking. Is limiting bathroom use at an office job appropriate? Probably not. And to this day, I swear that if what is high blood pressure numbers ANYONE annoys me about this again , I am leaving my post on the spot. Sounds like Stream Global Services if you ask me. Guards need to be at their stations the entire time, unless responding to an emergency – this includes “holding it” if they need to go on a bathroom break. ” from this website to cause of high blood presure a supervisor who said I didn’t have to E-mail my restroom breaks out side of my scheduled break times.