My son can not stop drinking
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March 28, 2014
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My son can not stop drinking

I’ve almost made it out alive! My son is the “go to” guy. The other is actually a GFCF diet. Literally the first week on this diet he started singing songs and telling me he loved me. Then my second son came along. Oh God, Oh God, please someone help me…. I see his point, but I love that kid so damn much that this breaks my heart. There has been too much lying and disrespect, total disregard for house rules, etc. I’m sure kindness and consideration are lessons you would all like to model for your children. My youngest son, he’s all about guns, swords, ninjas, fighting, etc. He has called me before. What if he’s out on the street in the winter, how will he stay warm? He WAS rather calm. I grew up with one older sister, son can not stop drinking and had a girl first…a calm, easy, never had a tantrum, rule-following curly-headed, sweet girl. Our daughter, (she’s 19 now), is the opposite. My son was diagnosed with PDD NOS in September 2012 at the age of 5. Anyways, last night my husband snooped on his cell phone and what we discovered actually made me throw up around 2 in the morning. Two boys later, and sometimes that girl and I just sit there looking at each other dumbfounded as to what in the world is WRONG with those boys? He never drives – always has a designated driver. I believe the main reason he was given this diagnosis was due to his sensory processing difficulties. ” How the HELL do I do this? He dropped out of college in his last semester! Not counting my chickens before they’ve hatched, but… my lil lifesuckers (i refer to them as the “OP” orgasm patrol) are 15, 18 & 21 Woohoo! No, my life doesn’t suck in any way whatsoever. We have since met with an OT whom indicated she believes that there is some sensory things going on with him and we have scheduled a full sensory analysis for this Tuesday. About 2 weeks into the diet he asked if he could sleep in his own bed and has been sleeping alone for 3 weeks. We make mistakes, we judge others. We did tons of research, networking with other parents etc and have tried numerous things including Therapeutic Listening to help support him through this. Chaos began!! Will he be safe? Mushrooms. He parties with his friends every weekend, and I thought it was just some beer, pot, nothing more. No worries! I was just having a conversation about exactly this today. I left the office feeling optimistic for 4 minutes and then reality hit me in the face as soon as we walked into our front door and the behaviors resumed. I have been sick ever since. Thank you so much for this article. Acid. My grown son has been on drugs for at least 6 yrs. He is 24. People signs and symptoms of diabetes type 1 don’t “battle with smoking” pot for years. Noise, taste, texture, smells touch etc. ’ Point made. He is getting married next month. He was given adhd what to eat for high blood sugar meds at age 5 because he wouldn't have made it through his first day of kindergarten without them even though I have a love hate relationship with adhd meds. At this age they will not diagnose him with a specific illness but will identify specific problem areas. My daughter was first, then my 2 boys. I realize that to many this sounds crazy and impossible. ’ my son can not stop drinking Hers is an evolving version of ‘thank you. You my son can not stop drinking don’t need to kick your child out of the house for smoking pot. The two of them have people thinking I am the psycho!! Last week a friend of mine posted a blog entitled “In Defense of My Son”… a my son can not stop drinking post that both she and I and I am sure countless others could fully relate. My first son was not as wild. No one seems to care enough to actually educate themselves on the drugs their children are using. We cannot enforce any rules in the house, as he just breaks them anyways. He cannot refute this. Unfortunately, that’s when adorably sweet lil girls begin to molt and their true from hades selves begin to wear thru Your description of your child's behavior mirrors my grandsons with the exception of language. We have tried relentlessly to get him some help, however does frequent urination mean kidney problems he will not go to any counseling. My husband assures me they are norma l;) Incidentally, my youngest has that swirly front of the head cowlick, just like your little guy. Yet with all this said, he says he loves me and hugs me every single day. If you have a child who cannot sleep I urge you to speak to their pediatrician about Melatonin. I am lost, so very very lost. I once was that mother and felt these same feelings. This is his first Drug related charge, foods for high blood pressure the others natural supplements for enlarged prostate have been for theft. In fact I was one of those people 2 months ago. Our (now) 18 year old son (his birthday was two days ago), has a beautiful heart. It gets him through school though without me getting phone calls from the principal which by the my son can not stop drinking way has happened quite a few times since he stated school and most the time those days he wasn't on his meds. My husband is DONE. Never had ONE problem with her. How did this happen???? How could he not be intelligent enough to stop using, turn his life around and want to be a honest, healthy, clean law abiding and successful person? He will likely turn to more drug selling. And for the women who are posting rude comments to the author, were all human. We’re experiencing it the other way around- first the boy, and now a 1-year old girl who, when the boy is screaming murder on the ground, crawls up to him and delicately lays her cherubic little face down on his. What if he needs to increase his income to pay rent? The majority of the kids his age in our social circle are girls and while he doesn’t mind a tea party or some dolls once in awhile its been really difficult. I have 3 kids…. Just remember that boys do not start to evolve into humanoids until around age 9. 8 GPA. After that the school must provide help. I am very serious. Maybe people (Obama as the referred comment suggests) agree weed is less harmful than alcohol because it is…? I am afraid if I say too much I will never see him again or he might get in a rage when he is on drugs and has an assault weapon,Marijuana is his drug of choice. My husband wants to kick him to the curb. But I still love them and their children. And yet another one a week ago. How can I do this? There are no withdrawal symptoms and it has no ill effects on the body other than the smoke affecting lungs (which is nothing compared my son can not stop drinking to the lung damage from cigarettes) and doesn’t cause lack of impulse control to a dangerous degree like alcohol or hallucinogens. We have also started biomedical treatment in which is comprised of vitamin supplements, probiotics and B12 injections. We were up until after 2am reading all the messages. We were good parents! It might just change your life. I judge them. She will do anything to keep a hold of him. I too have a 4 year old boy. I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown, heart attack, or stroke. He loves me and I know it. I don’t understand. We haven’t been feeling the love my son can not stop drinking lately in play dates. Thinking that just being exposed to what it is like in jail .. I am not sure if we will continue with this (other than the probiotics), however, I thought it worth noting. I am very blessed to have a wonderful life and wonderful children. He does it all day and night seven days a week. Our son is now awaiting a jail sentence. I suppose I’m ruining my life and barring any chance of a successful future? I have bit my tongue and not responded to the DOZENS of posts from Mummy to 2 (which, I might add, she made in one hour, which was very unnerving) but I believe it’s time to comment, in defense of my son. My grandson fits into the autistic spectrum. If you have a child with autistic traits I would encourage you to watch the CBC Nature of Things Autism Enigma documentary by David Suzuki. I’ve shed why do i keep getting kidney infections some tears over this and its comforting to know that I am not alone. I am finding that now more than ever I want the world to understand who my son was and what he had to offer this world. He also has a hard time sleeping and due to the sensory processing issues a harder time than most typical children with self regulation. I am so desperate My son, Ken died three months ago in an automobile accident at the age of 29 years and 6 days. I don't wish to be an alarmist but it is essential that you get your boy services in which he can be neurologically tested. He corrupted my middle child. She is even a school teacher in HS teaching English! Ecstasy. What can I do by myself? I have family members that have children who curse. Sometimes the side effects aren't worth it . I am devastated, heartbroken and scared to death. He's been on about 3 different kinds and I'm still not really satisfied. I remember feeling weeks after his death that at least I wouldn’t have to expend my energy in defending him, explaining him to others… this belief I can tell you is not true. Lol they are all now insane but we love the insanity. His dad won’t help or don’t care. I would love to hear about other families success with this disorder and I will let you know what comes of his sensory analysis. He has not had a negative note home from school since and "knock on wood" we are 34 days free of temper tantrums. I thought the label of “mother bear” would die with him. , over the years. Perhaps you need to realize there is a person on the other end of your comments and consider my feelings. Not just a little weed to a friend here or there, but a bonified dealer of massive amounts of pot. He is a drug dealer. Despite this, he has been a challenge for several years now, and we have given into the fact that he is a pot smoker. Get off your high horse. His girlfriend hates me, because I won’t to help him. I can understand being set in your ways and there’s nothing wrong with choosing to not do drugs, I respect your decision wholeheartedly, but marijuana is far from the satanspawn the older generation makes it out to be. I now wonder how long I will have to expend energy explaining who my son was and defending his honour. Seems everytime he gets taken in by the police, he gets released for some reason or another.. Those feelings never stopped for me as he grew and he grew… there was always an underlying theme in my son’s life… in my opinion he was often misunderstood as a boy and as a man. The sentencing is pending He also stated that all 4 year old boys present with signs of ADD and processing disorders as they have not yet acquired the skills needed to concentrate and cope. It has come a a perfect time for me. I at least want to wait until after Christmas, but he does not. It is in black and white on his phone. One of which is Melatonin. I would appreciate if you could stop with that rude comment. We have a very unique relationship. His first word was ‘car. The post refers to the general public and their lack of understanding of the author’s son, a rambunctious and energetic 4 year old. For him, but also I imagine our home life could be somewhat in danger now. Come on people it’s 2014, stop living in the reefer madness era. I believe you are missing the humor in the title of my blog. I smoke weed recreationally and maintain a 3. When our sons naturopath recommended it I actually cried as I wondered how on earth I could ask my picky eater to start eating gluten and dairy free foods. We have a very loving relationship and I would just die of heartbreak if anything ever happened to him. Thank you for the comments. I am too, but how do I kick my baby out, this young man who used to wrap his little arms around my neck and say “I wuv woo mommy? Two things have made a major impact on his life. And one a couple days ago.