I have a ringing in my ears
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March 28, 2014
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I have a ringing in my ears

I have total deafness sometimes in one ear or the other, but only for a minute or two and then it goes away. Just seems mostly ladies on the discussion. I replied to brenda71967 originally. Zombie was better. My joints hurt all over but that's probably from my Anxiety. There are 2 things I am about to try. Once I stand up in the mornings, I know the same day is here again all over, day after day. Sometimes no facial pressure or headache, just a stuffy nose and ear ringing. Although the connection between high blood pressure and tinnitus is not well understood, it has been observed that both high blood pressure and excessive alcohol consumption can make your tinnitus worse. The next time I get up and try it seems to be a little better. I'm wondering if it's from allergies or an inner ear infection. Before that, going back 3yrs, I had started getting ringing in my left ear only. These stereocilia are attached to hair cells (no relation to the hair on your head—these particular hair cells are sensory cells named for their fuzzy appearance). First when I was driving. But that's me, you certainly may have a different experience. If it is, you should be fine within a couple i have a ringing in my ears of weeks. I also felt like I i have a ringing in my ears was having allergies on that side only. Believe me, I hate meds. I am due to start i have a ringing in my ears a new med at my next visit. I stop when the fatigue gets to a point where I can't stand it. Question I've sufferered with bad neck ache since all my problems began ,I often think, this has maybe where infection began ,as my head was like a solid ball of cement it was that heavy. Sometimes my ears just ring or buzz, but against only for a few minutes at the most. My story was similar to others. Went to neurologist who told me all my symptoms were migraine- also had MRIs to rule out more serious causes. I have read something about that thru all my google research. You might be suffering a bit but your in control of it. Never any changes. My ears feel full most of the time. Downing an excessive amount of intoxicating liquids over a long period of time (usually defined as more than that one stingy glass of wine a day) may contribute to hypertension, or high blood pressure. It's great to talk about these problems. I have written on this when it first hit me back in the early part what causes low back pain of this year. When I read others have sight issues it grabbed my attention straight off. So far my dr has given me Meclizine and Valium, well who can hold down a job on Valium? Because stereocilia are not indestructible, they can remain damaged or even be permanently destroyed by these events. As a part of my "2nd Opinion" I have gone to the eye doctor. Had to use both hands to prop head up,like that for months after,even now 9 years on still feels heavy side ,not as bad but I still notice it. i have a ringing in my ears Thanks for the advice.. It took about a month to work, so don't quite the meds too fast. I was then in the realm of possibe meniere's, but my neuro said it didn't behave like meniere's, and the migraine med had helped. Interesting as to what's being said. Lasted about 30 seconds. I too feel better when I am laying flat on on my back in bed. I also get some shar pains in my head, nausea, and shortness of breath. The shortness of breath and dizziness scare me the most. Just put it down to how that virus left me,and I've got to live with it. I am 52 years old and I want to know what has caused my life to change where I can't function anymore ? He was quite stern about it. He said stopping all salt from getting into their diet helped them. If you care to, you can go back and see what I have written about myself, but is sounds like you are experiencing just about the same things that I have had except that I do find relief when I lie down flat and stay there. I tried nortryptaline first, but made me so imbalanced, I couldn't function. I was just wondering if he has vision problems? I'm male by the way, I mentioned my wife in my previous reply - although, nowerdays, some women do have wives. It was not fun starting Propranolol. This motion is translated into pressure changes in the fluid behind the ear drum, and deep herbal medicine for blood sugar in the ear canal, tiny structures called stereocilia bend and tilt in response. He told me that the Optic Nerve and the Vestibulocochlear Nerve impulses can be confused if there is swelling or inflammation in the inner ear and salt contributes to Meniere's. My shortness i have a ringing in my ears of breath lasts all day. I still adhere to the migraine diet, which is very hard. I did have about three weeks of very itch eyes very recently that was a problem but that burnt itself out. Nausea then ringing in ears and dizzy spell. You really got it bad but you got great inner strength. My vision is so messed up. I would get various forms of dizziness: feeling like walking on a boat, actual vertigo, and rocking feelings. Watery eye, clogged nose, facial pain. Well, about two months ago, the propranolol stopped working for some reason. Wow dizzy. ) in our files that prove the artificial sugars, Aspartame (and Neotame) can also be triggers for Tinnitus. So yes my vision has been a problem on going,but no answer as to WHY. Our organization, Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot Hotline (since 1987) has many studies, along with personal testimonials (often the best barometer of what’s going on! Reading all the posts puts my mind to rest a bit. I got permanent ear buzzing at the mo. Your advice is just outta here and has made me feel totally in control of what's happening. I have had nearly every test under the sun. But when stereocilia are damaged, for example if they’ve been bent out of shape by repeated exposure to loud sounds like i have a ringing in my ears gunfire or heavy construction, then this process doesn’t work as it should. It started when my ear problems and dizziness started. Rightly so. Sounds in the air cause pressure waves to vibrate your ear drum when they reach your ears. Hi Isabel . I was shaky afterwards with mild headache. I was put on a migraine preventative and told to follow a Migraine diet. The hearing loss was NOT i have a ringing in my ears associated with vertigo. The vision loss is over whelmings, the fullness and ringing is horrific and causes me to feel so unstable. In order to understand the most common way in which tinnitus occurs, we must venture inside the ear. We are falling apart haha... Anyway, I was "cured" for about a year, except for the sudden hearing loss. I get every side effect in the book, as most with migraine do as we have very sensitive nervous systems. I would go into the LONG miraculous benefits of these 2 things, but there are countless studies and testimonials on the natural way to cure psoriasis net. All of these posts no one really mentions that their vision is messed up. Did you ever find an answer? Your brain finally receives this input from your ears by way of the auditory nerve and interprets these signals as sound. Does your husband have visual disturbance? Hey dizzy p... I have had ear problems with infections come and go so I'm not sure it something related to that.. Scared me to death.... I have also seen a Nuerologists and nothing has shown up. Not difficult to explain, when one realizes that every molecule of Aspartame consists of more than 10% Methanol, or wood alcohol, which breaks down in the body into Formaldehyde, Formic Acid and other neurotoxic substances. Yes Brent, mine started out the exact same way. Thank you so much for your information. Keep goin pal and enjoy your Christmas. i have a ringing in my ears It seems to me that in my case, I do a little better when I do some chronic kidney disease stage 3a and then rest. Everything from cardiac, neurology, and ENT. Yeah, I know what you mean, it's the same at hospitals and rehabilitations - mostly women, don't know why. It does really help. This is the first time anyone has revised the idea that a STROKE may have been the culprit. Thank you Ben for your imput. Allergist actual pegged it as vestibular migraine and TMJ. Cuttin the story short I started all symptoms this week. Keep busy too.... The damaged stereocilia mistakenly tell your brain that you hear a sound even when there is actually none. Thinking I might not keel over at any minute. He said he knew several who have Meniere's, and they do well if they stop all SALT. To know so many out there with similar probs. However, Aspartame is 40% Aspartic Acid, effects of which are the same as Glutamic Acid in humans. May I ask if your a lady or a chap. And so can other factors that often accompany drinking, like stress or caffeine. My world spins and I am so unbalanced. Feels like I can't take a deep breath. My ears ring real bad and I have horrific headaches over that left eye. I felt a spell coming on again yesterday but didn't go all the way. MSG is mentioned for its Glutamic Acid Content. I have had similar symptoms. I've read your previous post now, and it sounds to me that you have a virus - the cold, the ear infections etc BUT I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Often, when the sweetener is avoided, but ingested again by accidental exposure, the ringing returns. I felt like a zombie, but managed to work my way up and power through. BUT when I told him I had double vision for a few weeks and then had a very hard time keeping my eyes on the words I was trying to read, he also said that there is a very good chance that the MRI AND CAT SCAN missed A STROKE in the area of the brain at the top of the spinal column due to shadowing caused by bones in the area. I even have a letter in my files from the 1980s, written by the head of the American Tinnitus Association on its letterhead, that Aspartame causes (and exacerbates) ringing in the ears for many. In reaction to the swaying stereocilia, the hair cells depolarize and release a neurotransmitter. Everything is blurry I helpful tips to quit smoking my left eye. One is Wild Oregano Oil (p73), and the other is Serrapeptase (a miracle enzyme). Thought I was having a stroke or somethin.