How can u get diabetes
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March 28, 2014
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How can u get diabetes

And i’m suppose to take my meds 30 min before meals. You can avoid the post meal peaks if your not eating sugar or carbs. I sometimes test myself by eating some excessive desert or carb to see how quickly it increase. 7 how to know if u have kidney problems which is normal. I don’t feel like I need to since it is all ready so low. I’ve been a type 2 diabetic for four years and you have certainly given me incentive to continue with what I am doing, Last January I asked my doctor if I would ever get off some of the medication that I am currently on and she said…’no’…how sad was I? I prefer to die with sugar instead of taking those medication which is more harmful than diabetes. I am confused by this – I’ve been diabetic since 2006. I had my fasting BS at 149 and my A1c was 7. I also have kidney stones. ) and I’m very hypothyroid right now so I’m gaining weight, not losing it. What does one eat to lower bg or just get something in their stomach. My doctor put me on Metformin this year. Since the pancreas regulates insulin. I’m sorry and I apoligize that this letter is so long. My PC phy. I take no medication. Am I doing the right thing trying to lower it on my own. how can u get diabetes Except when I have the stent in for the how do you diagnose asthma stones. Hello everyone , I’m 52 yrs. And I had the whipple surgers and they got all the cancer and put me on chemo and radiation. In late November I had lost 30 pounds and was having trouble after certain workouts where I would have to lay on the floor for a while because I felt horrible. Why is this happening? 8 my cholesterol 193 . You can change your lifestyle , and life for your good health I need an answer too. But the last 3 days my sugar is way too low. I went home and ate and drank a large glass of oj only to have it go to 92. In April of 2011 I found out I was a type 2 diabetic. They were saying, the drug i took causing permanent kidney damage. I think it’s important to state that I am not on a diet, I have a made a lifestyle change. how can u get diabetes Yeah my doctor has told me to eat some carbs as well. I am also a type diagnosed 16 how can u get diabetes years ago and my most recent A1C was 5. Since then I’ve lost 65 lbs . My mom.. Finally natural remedies to quit smoking in September of 2015 I had had enough. When I do a blood check before I eat my glucose is around 70. I don’t eat processed sugar at all I eat using a portion controlled diet , no oils whatsoever , not even olive oil , eat grilled meats , chicken , and fish raw nuts , very little breads , exercise all you can walking is good , don’t be discouraged . After 1 week I saw 300, I started exircese 1 hour a day and after 1 week it was lower 200. I continue my diet and add apple cider vinegar, and cinnamon. I diagnosed type 2 diabetes 1 month ago. Has anyone had any of these problems. Then in July I found out I had pancreatic cancer. I start fasting, thanks to Ramadan and now it is between 90-120. My blood pressure was how can u get diabetes low, so she took me off the blood pressure pills, she also adjusted my metformin to one pill a day since I had been losing weight. What I’m getting at is I believe the cancer gave me the diabeties. Grandma and aunt have type 2 diabetes and I want this sickness out of my life for good.. Control your self, stop eating sugar and carb. I was experiencing sweating a lot after eating and it started 4 years ago. So the last 3 nights I have not taken my insulin. 🙂 I rarely eat out but if I do I have to ask if they cook stuff in sugar. Never had a problem before so this scared me pretty bad. I don’t know if I need to take my meds or not. You shouldn’t peak above 140 and it should drop back to its normal range about 2 hours after unless your sneaking in some carbs. I was 48. But again, Thank You, much! Took me off metformin. When I do eat though it will go up to around 230. I reduced my calorie intake and kept track of it, I eat 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks. Do not believe in Doctors, if you are not desperate about Type 2 diabetes. I was at the store and got lightheaded and shaky. If someone is reading this blog can you respond, thank you. Other than that’s it’s incredibly easy. 4 surgeries in 2 months and having another in a few weeks. I wish their was a cure for diabetes because you get more sypmtoms of other diseases that come from diabetes. I research online and put my self a diet. I’m morbidly obese, have many other conditions that contribute or are caused by diabetes (fatty liver, hypothyroidism, etc.. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to no longer be diabetic, but if that is the case then why am I still on Metformin? Had another couple operations for my intestine and colon blockages. And I donot want to follow in their footsteps. When I went back to see her early April, I had lost 22 pounds and need to lose another 25 pounds, and of that I’ve lost how can u get diabetes 9 pounds. I didn’t completely eliminate sugar, however my total intake daily is under 40g. Since I found out 3 days ago I talked my doctor out of medicine and see if I can lower it on my own. Does this mean I have reversed my diabeties or what. 3 to 8. No carb, no sugar. I have lost 25 pounds, go to the gym 3 x a how can u get diabetes week. 3. This morning woke up with a reading of 202 am i an alcoholic feature and starving. When I don’t eat for about 4 hours I get a headache so I know its is low in the 70s. Also found out my cholesterol was how can u get diabetes very high but I’m definitely taking that medicine. I what are the main causes of high blood pressure want a long happy life ahead of me.. Start fasting. PS – I had a thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer in January and am still getting levels adjusted – very hypothyroid right now. I managed to control my sugar with diet. I reversed my diabetes 2 when all the world and my doctor was against me – did it by exercise and diet in 2009. Please help heart disease signs and symptoms me.. How in the world did my numbers become non-diabetic and what does that mean? I took 2 days one in the morning and after 2 days my kidneys was hurting. Ben hie im vivian and i was diagnosed with diabetes jan 2012 and i get so scared sometimes i am overweight but i am losing the weight but its coming off slowly i am trying to eat right but it is so hard i just cry and i blame myself for this curse that has fell on me i pray that i get better with this thing lord i prayso hard for a better me i am on the metformin now but i get so sick when i take them do anyone know what i can do to take the sick feeling away that always messes my days up please tell me . I am 69 yoa and have type 2 diabetes. Old was diagnosed T2 in June my A1C was 5. After 1 hour eating desert, it is around 170 and after 2 hours it is 120. I research on internet and there was law suit about the drug company. I know whigh 120-124. You will see the improvement yourself. 4. I started eating better and I took Metforman.. Is that related in any way? I just went to a Mexican food place and ordered fajitas with lettuce wraps instead of tortillas. I am 32 year old with 200lb. I went to Doctor last month and they said my sugar is 450 A1C was 12. I gladly appreciate it that you took the time in reading my letter. Dr. I don’t want to be miserable anymore.. Awful psychological changes and physical and I was even more depressed how can u get diabetes than before. What I want to know is since I lost so much weight my a1c is now 5. Thank you. Doctor said she won’t test the A1c for two more months, but I have had normal glucose readings (101-83 at 8 hr fasting and nothing over 92 one hour after meals) after just a few days on the diet. Weight. You’d be surprised how many times they tell things like they cook their fish in sugar. Life changes and ill health for other reasons meant my weight came back and the diabetes. Well she was pleased and surprised with all of my tests (that I’m not giving how can u get diabetes here right now, 🙂 ) But I will update when I am completely satisfied with myself. I decided to stop medication and cure this diabetes with natural ways. I found the New Castle site on Google and started immediately. 1. I just didn’t want to take ‘No’ for an answer. My doc called and said my a1c was “non-diabetic” and they are going to lessen my Metformin dosage. Vinegar before every mean diet no carb or very little, exercise and after a week it was lower 150. I have lost 90 pounds going through all that and I have gotten 10 back. I want to be happy and not depressed because of this sickness.. They said I need to start medication. In two weeks, I have lost 10 of the causes of lower back pain 25 pounds I need to shed. They gave me Metrofin. Put me on lantus 2 days ago because my erratic bg numbers and A1c from 7.