Herbs that calm the mind
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March 28, 2014
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Herbs that calm the mind

David Simon, co-facilitating the Healing the Heart workshop. REFERENCES The authors said that they “read up all herbs that calm the mind the literature on acupuncture before the Ming Dynasty and most of the relevant literature of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and collected together 29 intelligence points. Two points were used: shenmen (HT-7) and houxi (SI-3). In China, needling is performed daily or every other day, and at least 30 treatments within a period of about two months is typical for a course of therapy that leads to notable improvements in many, but certainly not all, of the patients. Two “extra points, ” sishencong (M-HN-1) and yintang why do i get so tired in the afternoon (M-HN-3), have become popularized in recent years for treatment of mental disorders though these points received relatively little mention in the literature reviews; they are included in the table to more completely reflect current practice. A summary of recently published acupuncture protocols is presented in Table 6. Perhaps almost any point will help, or, perhaps, numerous points have been recommended with none being particularly effective. This guided visualization can help you relax and even develop witnessing awareness—the fifth level of consciousness, known as Cosmic consciousness. A large number of points along the bladder channel and the governing vessel are mentioned in the literature, even if most of those points are suggested only once or twice. For six years, Tris apprenticed under the Chopra Center’s co-founder Dr. Agitation Shogo Ishino, at the Oriental Medicine Research Center of the Kitasato Institute in Japan, reported on acupuncture treatment for senile psychic disorders (3). This one is about 12 minutes long. As a lead Master Educator at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Tris teaches weekly classes at how to detoxify the liver naturally the Chopra Center’s Perfect Health program, in non alcoholic fatty liver disease natural treatment Chopra Center University’s Instructor Certification Programs , and as a live coach in the online SynchroDestiny program. The authors claimed that all patients were cured by the treatment, though the condition recurred in 11 cases of 53, which could then be controlled by 1-2 courses of additional treatment. Needling points along the spinal column and on the head, including fengchi (GB-20), may provide a relatively direct means (proximate treatment) of stimulating the central nervous system and affecting the brain. The term senile dementia has been largely disposed of in modern medical practice, with the ability to distinguish different causes, including Alzheimer’s Disease, atherosclerosis, and stroke. A recently published (1998) Western textbook, Manual of Acupuncture (4), presents summations of uses of the acupuncture points. ” Several of the points were treated by acupuncture through to a nearby point, such as neiguan through to waiguan, or hegu through to houxi. Treatment involved the following collection of points as the main ones, of which a few were selected according to the particular case and some others might be added: hegu (LI-4), taichong (LV-3), renzhong (GV-26), baihui (GV-20), yongquan (KI-1), shixuan (M-UE-1), jianshi (PC-5), daling (PC-7), shenmen (HT-7), guanyuan herbs that calm the mind (CV-4), fenglong (ST-40), yintang (M-HN-3), fengchi (GB-20), and sanyinjiao (SP-6). This vessel continues over to the face where the extra point yintang is located (between the eye brows) to the end of the channel at renzhong (GV-26). If you prefer to use a pre-recorded audio, there is a CD you can purchase called Deep Relaxation - Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra that has a track for insomnia called Put Me signs and symptoms of liver damage to Sleep. Read more Recapitulation, as taught weight loss tea that works fast by Deepak Chopra, is the act of reviewing your day from start to finish each evening just before falling asleep. A total of 10 meridians (out of the basic group of 14) are included, and only one meridian (kidney) has more than 2 of the points. In one index, for each of several symptoms or diseases, point designations are provided that have those conditions as one of their indications. To a large extent, Western practitioners have focused their therapeutic efforts aimed at treating drug addiction and emotional distress on the use what to take for sciatica pain of an acupuncture technique developed not in China, but in the West: ear acupuncture. It was reported that 15 of the patients showed marked improvements after 20 daily acupuncture treatments.  There are also numerous free audios you can find online for Yoga Nidra. It can also help cultivate lucid dreaming. Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique where you learn to relax consciously. The most heavily used points are on the head (mainly GV-20), the upper back (mainly BL-15), the forearm (mainly PC-6 and HT-7), and herbs that calm the mind the lower leg (mainly LV-3 and a variety of points on the stomach, spleen, and kidney channels that appear to be used with about equal frequency). Recent evaluations have indicated that some degree of mental impairment is present in virtually all persons who pass the age of 90. 32 patients were treated by acupuncture, which was initiated one to three months after the traumatic event. A number of the conditions listed here may seem of minor importance, such as apprehension, anxiety, and worry, but in the practice of acupuncture in China (which is the basis for this textbook), patients usually only seek treatment when the condition is quite severe, beyond what is normally encountered in daily life. The technique of scalp acupuncture (see: Synopsis of scalp acupuncture), which has been applied in the treatment of stroke patients as the primary use, mainly involves strong stimulation of points along the governing vessel at the top of the head.  Move away from external stimulus and go inward to achieve this deep relaxation. herbs that calm the mind Chinese point names (pinyin) are not included due to large number of points listed. In Yoga Nidra, you’re accessing the state between waking and dreaming where your brainwaves enter the alpha brainwave pattern ( Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati) and you experience a deep state of relaxation. Table 4: Points listed for each of the specified disorders in the index to Manual of Acupuncture. In China, the medical facilities are insufficient to fully diagnose most cases of mental dysfunction in the elderly, so the general term senile dementia is applied and usually refers to cases of obvious impairment before the age of 90. Based on this summary of point indications, herbs that calm the mind it becomes evident that certain points are relied upon for a wide range of mind-brain disorders. She continues the emotional healing work and leading the... In a small evaluation involving 8 patients with childhood epilepsy (ages 5-16 years), the children were treated to control immediate symptoms (effects reported to occur within 10 minutes) at the Hospital for Mental Diseases in Anhui Province (5). A course of treatment lasted one week to one month, depending on the patient, with daily acupuncture. Though there are numerous acupuncture points that are theoretically useful for patients with mind-brain disorders, only a few are relied upon frequently, both in traditional and modern practice, and might serve as guidance to practitioners and researchers. Combining the information from the literature cited above yielded the list in Table 5, which presents the main acupuncture points utilized in treatment of mind-brain disorders.  It’s referred to as the state of dynamic sleep, where one remains aware. For disorders of the brain and mind, Table 4 presents the points mentioned in this index (some indications were combined in preparing the table). In 1958, a French physician, Paul Nogier, introduced the concept of treating numerous points on the ear that were purported to have specific effects on each of the body structures and functions. While there are only a few points for each of the channels represented, it is evident that there is much emphasis on treating the back (along the spinal column) to address mind and brain disorders. In a few cases, particularly epilepsy and mania, there were so many points listed in the index that there would be no benefit derived from examining the collection. This point collection includes 7 points from Table 5 and also several of the points listed for epilepsy (during seizure) in Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion. This approach may not be easily applied in the West, but the point selection should be informative. In Handbook of Chinese Auricular Therapy, it is said that “It is used in numerous diseases of the neuro-psychiatric system.... Dementia due to traumatic injury to the head was treated at the General Hospital of Chengdu (17). The points mentioned in that text are listed in Table 3. The modern Chinese medical literature includes a number of reports of treating children with acupuncture. For example, in the Huangdi Ming Tang Jing, the points listed are tianfu(LU-3), lieque (LU-7), neiguan (PC-6), ximen (PC-4), yongquan (KI-1), and youmen (KI-21). Treatment surrounding baihui was done by threading the needles, somewhat like the method of scalp acupuncture; the author reported: “We found the method very effective in treatment of neural and psychic diseases. It is unclear whether selection of other points in these same regions of the body will yield any better or lesser results, though the principles of acupuncture therapy may dictate selecting one over another based on symptoms, signs, and constitutional factors that lead to a specific diagnostic category (especially affecting the herbs that calm the mind leg points to be selected). Check out this Yoga Nidra script that you can record in your own voice on your smartphone or tablet and play back for yourself as you prepare for rest. The application of this point is fairly extensive and flexible, covering no less than 30 kinds of diseases or ailments. Although the specificity of ear acupuncture points has never been clearly demonstrated, most acupuncturists agree that ear acupuncture has a calming effect. The mechanism of action, from the Western viewpoint, appears to be regulation of blood circulation to the brain and release of valuable neurotransmitter substances that can affect brain function to aid recovery. The word yoga means union and the word nidra means sleep. They then determined the frequency of mention of the points among all the texts in relation to treating certain conditions (see Table 1), yielding a total of 17 points mentioned in more than one text. The governing vessel continues along the spine over the top of the head, where baihui (GV-20) and its surrounding points ( sishencong; four points on each side) are utilized. As a main source text, he relied on the book Highly Valuable Commentaries on Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Grand System of Medical Classics on Acupuncture and Moxibustion, an encyclopedic collection published in China in 1978. ” For each of the major medical texts consulted, the authors present a listing of the points mentioned that are relevant to treating mental conditions. Thus, patients with that type of emotional or stress conditions would probably be treated, when relying on Western medicine, with potent drug therapies, including anti-depressants. Epilepsy and mania are not included in this listing because the number of points presented was so large as to be uninformative. Indeed, the most frequently cited ear point used in treatments foods to eat with gastritis is called shenmen (spirit gate). ” The physicians also used blood letting at the fingertip points ( shixuan, M-UE-1). It should be noted that there is not much meridian specificity to the treatment of the various disorders.