Can chronic gastritis be cured
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March 28, 2014
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Can chronic gastritis be cured

This site has encouraged me to know that am not alone in this I have had gastritus for about a year now. My mom was diagnosed with cancer, she moved in with me as she couldn;t leave by herself anymore. Polori. When my gastritis attacks for how to stop someone smoking example, if I eat something that I'm allergic or I skipped meals, I ended up throwing up for almost 24 hours until I looks like a skeleton being displayed in a science room. I got gastritis after with HP virus I still have the so called flares BUT Im reading so much of home cure I will try anything natural sicne the meds the doctor gives me dont do a thing for me... And I def think my gastritis was brought on by stress. For the past week now, I have had a severe pain underneath my belly button about 3 inches down, and it triggers a fever I don't really get the pain if I don't eat at all even if I have a cup of yogurt in the evening it will wake me up around 3 o'clock in the morning cramping and a fever I went to my doctor and she said that I was constipated and I didn't understand why constipation result in a fever Tuesday afternoon I fever reachEd 103. And yes, B-vitamine complex should be taken too. One of my teachers told me to eat red apples or yogurt every day. After September 2013, I moved to just eating oatmeal and almond milk, rice pasta, oatmeal & honey can chronic gastritis be cured granola bars, rice and olive oil. But I don't know what else to do but go back on prevacid. Loren, as bad as surgery pain can be, I'd rather suffer through that than have a flare up. So I modified my diet to boiled potatoes and grits. I eventually spit it out but a gulp made it down. Sometimes after every meal I'm in pain. Possibly having 2 surgeries coming up, and I will be denying any pain meds I would have to take orally. Potatoes could be made in a vriety of ways and you can eat all you want throughout the day. And just when I thought I was ok, I started throwing up again. It's a long process but good news - it can be treated completely. I have gastritis after being sick and on heavy duty antibiotics. Oddly enough it helps the pain go away. Pylori negative, no viruses or bacteria or anything like that. Amyloidosis is a group of diseases resulting from abnormal deposition of certain proteins (amyloids) in various bodily areas. I was on some Prilosec type stuff just to heal up the lining. And different diets and remedies are required to treat those. I've been on prevacid like 3 times already. Smoking can irritate you as well. Looks like I am not the only one not eating this holiday. Good luck! I have gastritis since I was a little child. There are three types of systemic amyloidosis: primary (AL), secondary (AA), and familial (ATTR). Make sure you do a lot of clean eating and nothing too greasy or spicy or acidic, this includes fizzy drinks and alcohol sadly. This is so painful! It just flared up this week with vomoting, fever, diahrrea and stomach pain. Because living like this for a lifetime can be awful. Worst part is its just before my Bday and the Holiday. My doctor said signs and symptoms of heart problems that gastritis is a forever disease, the only thing you can do is to watch out for your food intake and don't skip meals... Familial Mediterranean Fever is a form of familial (inherited) amyloidosis. When I was a kid I was put on a diet, special mineral water and herbal stuff for years (I am allergic to many conventional drugs). Thank you all for sharing your stories bc I don't know like anyone else with it. Slowly, I am able to eat just about anything in moderation, avoiding stuff that plays into stomach acidity (this is why it is important can chronic gastritis be cured to know whether you have reduced or increased stomach acidity). Secondary amyloidosis occurs as a result of another illness. Best of luck for the one who suffer with the same issue... The amyloid proteins may either be deposited in one particular area of the body (localized amyloidosis) or they may be deposited throughout the body (systemic amyloidosis). She also told me if she didn't eat one of those things once a day her stomach would hurt really bad. Totally sucks. Changed my diet drastically. I was h. Had a scope done and the lining of my stomach looked like Wolverine went crazy in there. And the pain sometimes can be horrible... Potatoes and apples, that's the deal. Having to avoid all kinds of food is not easy.. I hope it goes way.. I am also eating apple sauce, the enzymes on the apples are also good for your stomach. Now I 'm going to try dieting and aloe juice sold at natural stores and coconut juice too! I take medicine every day for it and it is helping. Im 11 years old and I have gastritis. Appearing like scratches, which were bleeding. I have gone through a lot of stress in my life in the passed couple of years. I'd rather break my nose than have any internal pain. I've def lost weight bc of this and not in a good way. 6 got a little nervous and scared my four-year-old how do you call 911 so as long as I don't eat I'm not bothered at all but I am very hungry if anybody has the symptoms or have experienced anything like this anything would help Leo You will get better, it's a painful and disgusting feeling right now, but try not to stress as that can can chronic gastritis be cured make it worse. It is how to prevent asthma attacks very tough and painful. Very painful, I sit with a heating pad all the time. Self-discipline is important, don't think about proper nutrition as giving up something but rather making changes to avoid pain and possible complications. Makes sence what is a high pressure area to treat gastritis which is an inflamation of the tomach basically its a scar you need to heal and avoiding all this greasy spicy food wont helo heal it... I just realized it was caused by Advil. I'm currently on my third horrific day of an otherwise rare flare up, but i stick to chicken based soups, sometimes I'll have eggs or potatoes or rice, toast, a banana, things like that. Gastritis is something I don't want to have ever again. I had ice cream last night just to take away some of the burning. This caused me to have severe gastritis and irritation in my esophagus. Eating is difficult too. Well I already accepted it that I will can never escape from this disease. It is a try and error can chronic gastritis be cured method when eating.. The doctor prescribed Prilosec and that has helped. It was caused by H. If I go back there they are willing to remove my tonsils. Potatoes are great for our bodies and is blend enough for easy digestio. Wish everyone luck! Am on medication but it looks like everything revolves around diet... I think I have it my stomach back and ribcage area be in pain and I just feel acid and gas that won't come out I don't use the bathroom everyday my bowels messed up so I'm basically back up with acid and gas so I have pain in my back stomach ribcage area at night I be up in pain its hard to breath and I be burnin up I have gastritis too and it is awful. Her CA became severe and I was going through "hell" at work. After the vomiting stops, I can only eat watermelon and after 2-3 days I'm okay again. All of my fav foods and drinks I have to give up. Possibly, this weight loss was due to drinking from my friend’s new RV water tap before it was flushed. Amyloidosis treatment involves treating the underlying illness and correcting organ failure. I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis last year (probably caused by ibuprofen, because I'm so reliant on it for menstrual cramping, not anymore). So they switched me to erythromycin. It is extremely tough curbing your diet bc you literally can't eat anything. Oh! Primary amyloidosis is not associated with any other diseases and is considered can chronic gastritis be cured a disease entity of its own. I've learned can chronic gastritis be cured to live with headaches. In order to find a proper treatment you have to ask for acidity test - there is gastritis with increased acidity (regular type) and with reduced acidity. Seems like in North America doctors don't want to know anything about dietary nutrition, while back in Europe it was a major part of any what brings on high blood pressure prescribed treatment. If you're worried about weakness from lack of nutrition, throw in a multi-vitamin to take daily. I'm going for all the natural stuff wont hur to try.... Something about internal pain is way worse than anything external. This caused me to get an infection in the Yukon where they gave me penicillin that gave me a delayed allergic reaction that was closing off my throat. I am in the same situation as her with the gastritis. One ibuprofen and I'm toast for a week. Still, hurt and I was going pale and loosing weight. Had it before and its no fun. Even a protein shake if you have to, try not to get too much sugar in herbal green tea weight loss those. It's a bad bacteria in my stomach.