Best way to treat cancer
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March 28, 2014
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Best way to treat cancer

I am not a doctor but I have had thermography. I have been going for a thermogram for several years after being diagnosed with DCIS 12 years ago. Then from that point her yearly exams are compared to that original baseline scan. Thermography offers the earliest detection of breast changes years before mammogram. There us one facility in American best way to treat cancer Fork Utah that does but, my insurance will not cover the service. Now,since i have peace of mind,next year i will continue with the thermagram. This is the greatest benefit, it gives you TIME to heal your problem before having to submit to conventional medicine. It is my understanding that a woman gets scanned and then rescanned 3 months later. However pH therapy using alkaline minerals requires quite a bit of knowledge (do your homework! 2 degrees centigrade leads to poor reproducibility. You might try again as the research is very compelling. Most Medical Doctors don’t know what to do with a Thermogram once it is presented, seek out a Holistic doctor who can eradicate your problem if you have one, before turning into disease or cancer. I had a very large lump under my arm so went to natural treatment for anxiety disorder my naturopath and she said that I should probably see my GP just to rule out any problems due to my history. Anything over 0. It is therefore difficult for someone doing a quick read of this article to evaluate the validity of dietary recommendations for cancer without understanding them in context, in full. Not at this moment, for when I find such why does eating make you tired simple truths that emanate out of intuition and compassion, how to cleanse the kidneys naturally I’m grateful. ) and is greatly enhanced with the support of a mineral provider or cancer coach who has the experience to guide you through the process. Thermography is a better technology for all of the reasons I’ve already described. Getson says there are some things you need to know. The experience was pleasant and the results were normal. Is there a secret as to how to get this implimented? This is the third one I’ve read about thermography best way to treat cancer this year. best way to treat cancer Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with DCIS in my right breast, and told to have bilateral mastectomies. To date, we have concluded that high pH therapy is one of the most effective alternatives, particularly how to stop the beeping of a smoke detector for later stage cancers. I would first check with your insurance company to see if it is even a covered benefit. When I saw my GP he said it was movable and didn’t think it was a problem but I should have a mammogram and ultrasound. Northrup’s indorsement for thermography, I just might add it to my yearly mammography. Many mineral providers sell minerals, but do not have the ability to assist the users. I got a letter this year from my insurance company saying that they noticed I haven’t had a mamo for quite some time,and recommended I get one,free of charge. I had a thermogram on March 30 which showed no changes from the last one. Must have a conclusive test with a mammogram and biopsy. The more you know the better you can care for you and your family. So how and where can I go about getting this testing? When you are choosing a thermography center, be sure to ask what the “drift factor” is for their machines. Last I checked you have to pay out of pocket for it, but not a whole lot more than a lot of things we ladies pamper ourselves with, ie massages, mani-pedis, spa treatments, hair, etc… The problem I’ve found is that many medical groups in Utah ( intermountain Health Center (IHC) hospitals and clinics University of Utah hospitalsand clinics and why do i feel tired all the time others don’t have or offer Thermography. I had a lumpectomy at that time and did not do the radiation or chemo at that time. ” I have used both conventional medicine and alternative therapies throughout the years, which is why I believe I am still here. Perhaps you didn't read to the end of the article because the fruit recommendation pushed a button? The waiting is torture. I am concerned that nothing showed on the thermogram but they are acting like I have cancer again. After they did those they said I should have two core biopsies guided by a mammogram and ultrasound. Because of my previous experience, against my surgeon’s wishes, the ketogenic diet for cancer I chose five years of Tamoxifin and to watch and wait. If there is not a difference between the 2 scans then that is her baseline scan. I will embrace this with relish and joy, and share again, as always, joyfully~ Firstly I an Canadian and the Canadian health association does not believe Thermology is effective and as far as I am aware, there is no where in Canada for me to get this testing done annually. Teaching them how to apply alkaline therapy, particularly the mineral component, is quite challenging. How does the average person know if the piece of equipment they are using for Thermology meets the criteria? Insurance and medicare does not cover tests or treatments because cancer thermography is “non conclusive”. S. Now here is the catch! Also, you list criteria one should know about the equipment. The Foundation simply researches and vets the claims of various alternative offerings for cancer – and there are more than 400! So just to play both sides severe asthma attack symptoms adults safe,I got one. Most of my clients tend to think in terms of what they can continue to do, not what they have to change to alter their body chemistry and address their condition. We all need to contact our insurance companies to give us thus option for care as well. Thank you for the article. No sense getting doc to write a script if it isn’t going to be covered. P. I was told that I would probably die soon, so I started to see a naturopath instead. I had a thermography and discovered that I have a tiny beginning of breast cancer. Plus, it gives results that are unique to you, time after time. Did you have an established baseline? My experience with cancer best way to treat cancer patients and with those suffering from other chronic disease is that they don't really know that much about their personal body chemistry. The lump is on the same side as the DCIS was. I just had those done yesterday so now have to wait for the results and see a surgeon next Wednesday. I have had Thermologies for the past 5 years. Everything each year came back normal. The cancer was detected in the thermography but not in the scan. Therefore, it is critical to seek a mineral provider who can provide references to extensive information and is available to help you work through the rough spots – and there will be some! If you didn’t have an established baseline there was nothing to compare to. Further blood tests and over 6K out of pocket for blood test confirming cancer. I checked with my insurance company and until the ceo and board choose to cover this you are stuck with Mammograms. Five years ago, after five years of being in menopause, I began bleeding heavily. I am still waiting. Twenty-four best way to treat cancer years ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 non-Hodgkins lymphoma, given 6 weeks of localized radiation, and told to watch and wait. And after reading Dr. My ovaries were also removed at the time, without consulting me, because the surgeon later claimed, ” I didn’t need them anymore. A benign polyp which had caused the bleeding was removed. For one, not all thermographic equipment best way to treat cancer is the same. Note that from the very best clinics in the world and from my personal research, the full recommendations regarding diet for cancer are extremely specific and go on for pages, not a summary paragraph as in this article. Does it seem strange to me that I have always felt that no matter what situation arises, that all one needs is to be love, give love or find love?? This finding is why I started The Cancer symptom of high blood sugar Alternative Foundation - to help cancer patients feel comfortable using effective, natural therapies like pH therapy as part of their overall treatment strategy. But Dr. I am still waiting. Also, the room in which the study is performed should be free of outside light and the temperature should always be at 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit, with a proper cooling system in place. Help! However, cancerous cells were found in the lining of my uterus and I then underwent a hysterectomy.